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Image by Augustine Wong


The Luxuriance Drapery collection is a cornucopia of textures, cunning weaves, and glamourous yet accessible looks. The fabrics in this collection delight in a range of colours to suit every palate, with effects brought about through painstaking detail. Luxuriance exudes a loftiness of style and design and is a must have for an elegant yet opulent space.

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Winds through sands, unobstructed across a vast landscape – the colours and construction of the collection lend it a sense of movement. A lustrous, stunning drapery, this collection elevates a space with admirable ease.

Composition: 29% Cotton, 71% Polyester

End Use: Drapery, Cushion

Streaks of zari peek through the hash-patterns spread across this collection, a contemporary drapery with a classic feel. This collection is chic, with a touch of opulence.

Composition: 12% Zari, 33% Viscose, 55% Polyester

End Use: Drapery, Cushions

Like feeling the warmth of autumn sun, or watching a gentle rain, this collection evokes feelings of quiet contentment. Faintly mottled and breathtakingly understated, this collection has a disarming elegance that draws you in.

Composition: 42% Viscose, 58% Polyester

End Use: Drapery, Cushions

Revelling in sumptuous subtlety, this collection is a field of ethereal textures within broader vertical strokes. This zari-infused drapery is an effortless study in sophistication.

Composition: 12% Zari, 34% Viscose, 54% Polyester

End Use: Drapery, Cushions

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