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Image by Augustine Wong


Available in a wide range of colors, the Classic collection exudes a winning combination of luxury and durability. It is one of the best ways to add muted or shiny colors to any residential or commercial setting. Every need is catered to with a variety of fabric consisting of linen, silk, cotton, viscose and polyester yarns forming the collection.

Check out what we have in our studio for you. Browse around the products, collection and discover our studio. From subtle fabric to vibrant patterned prints. All under one roof.

Using a special boucle yarn, this collection is a sturdy polyester cotton blended fabric. The boucle effect give the fabric a rugged look, while the two tone yarns bring some colourful life into the fabric.

Composition: 96% Polyester, 4% Cotton

End Use: Multipurpose

This collection is a rustic linen and viscose fabric that has been specifically finished to achieve a soft hand despite its heavy weight.

Composition: 40% Linen, 60% Viscose

End Use: Multipurpose

Fine silk with a lustrous finish, This is available in over 120 striking colours and is sure to add a luxurious sheen to any room.

Composition: 100% Silk

End Use: Multipurpose

Hand twisted yarns of multiple colours are used to weave this incredibly complex, colourful fabric. The colours twist in an almost mesmerizing fashion, lending a gorgeous perspective to this semi-plain.

Composition: 12% Viscose, 88% Polyester

End Use: Multipurpose

This Collection is a yarn dyed satin, woven and finished with utmost care. Its luxurious hand is due to the high density of the warp combined with special finishing techniques that allow this fabric to be truly multipurpose. Composition: 41% Polyester, 59% Cotton End Use: Multipurpose

Woven with blended viscose and cotton yarns, This collection is a play of matte and shine.

Composition: 45% Cotton, 45% Viscose, 9% Polyester

End Use: Multipurpose

A fine linen satin inspired from Cinque Terre, collection is available in 56 vibrant colours.

Composition: 100% Linen

End Use: Multipurpose

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