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Image by Augustine Wong


The Vintage collection distils the historicity of Northern India and infuses it with a contemporary charm. Earthy tones join popping colours, balancing mattes with a slight shine, all coalescing in a feast of nuance and picturesque scenes.

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Tall slender trees reach for the skies, their lush canopies scraping the clouds as they drift dreamily by. This collection brings home an earthly utopia in a robust, multipurpose fabric.

Composition: 17% Cotton, 36% Polyester, 46% Viscose

End Use: Multipurpose

Vines in full bloom flourish on a textured, gracefully winding across the fabric with a soft burnish. As the fabric catches the light, the depth of the design is revealed, adding to its soft appeal.

Composition: 44% Viscose, 56% Polyester

End Use: Multipurpose

Playful rows of Pichwai cows, unmistakable in their classic pose, bring a zest and lively spirit to this collection. This much-loved symbol takes on a contemporary tone with its subtle patterning and rich colours.

Composition: 12% Polyester, 88% Viscose

End Use: Multipurpose

A collage of block print motifs and traditionally styled jharoka windows, this collection has a quaint vibe. Carefully detailed, this fabric is grand in its intricacies.

Composition: 20% Cotton, 30% Polyester, 50% Viscose

End Use: Multipurpose

With its large motifs in mirrored columns, bold on a light base, this collection is striking. It adds a spark and vividity to a space, elevating it without overwhelming.

Composition: 14% Linen, 24% Cotton, 62% Viscose

End Use: Drapery, Cushions

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